Worried about being snooped on?

Protect yourself in 10 minutes with your own private VPN!


Log in to DigitalOcean here. If you haven't signed up yet, do that here and make sure to put in billing information. You can use the code DROPLET10 for $10 in credit.

Log in to Rackspace here. If you haven't signed up yet, do that here and make sure to put in billing information.

Digitalocean vpn step 2 Rackspace vpn step 2



Generate a new API Token here. Select "Generate Token" and make sure to check the "Write (Optional)" box. You can delete this API token after the VPN is fully created.

You can find your Username & API Key when logged in by following the instructions here. Select "Show" next to API Key to get your key.


For the next few steps, DO NOT close this page. If you have questions, please check out our FAQ.

Just enter your DigitalOcean API Token...

Just enter your Rackspace Username...

...and API Key.

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What is a VPN?

Read our letter to our friends at Sochi and what pushed us to create this. That was some time ago, but the same concerns still apply today when travelling or on public networks: it's always worth protecting yourself.

We've created a super simple way to install and run a Virtual Private Network (also called a VPN). VPNs are a technique to allow you to securely access the Internet even if you don't trust the connection you're using, whether you're using wireless at a coffee shop, or reading your email from a country which monitors them. VPNs are widely used by security-conscious corporations and government, but they're too painful to set up for everyone else.

We wanted to make it easy, so we created a way to get up and running with a leading open source VPN. It's the ease of use expected by the iPhone generation combined with security which would pass muster at your bank.

Why should I trust you?

We’re an established company with established customers. Know that we’re doing our best to gain your trust, but you’re more than welcome to do all this on your own, and we’ll even help you through it. We’re running this script, which you are more than welcome to run on your own, on any box you’d like. Read it, modify it, pull request to it; it’s Apache2 licensed. Go nuts. We don’t persist your keys, and only store them for just long enough to provision your VPN server. Wherever we can, we remove our access as soon as possible; we remove our SSH keys from your DigitalOcean account, for example. We’re trying to make things easier for you to make sure you’re secure. If you do want to build everything on your own, feel free to check out our blog post, where we’ll take you through each command individually. :)

For more information, please see our FAQ.