Web Scanning doesn’t have to suck

Empower your developers with usable security tools

Why choose us?

We know most CISOs at enterprise companies deplore their current security solutions, or are just too jaded to even deal with third party integrators, especially for scanning web applications. We are here to restore your confidence! We check for the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks, as well as other known and zeroday vulnerabilities. We’ll scan each time a new version of your site is deployed, and can also log into any website. We constantly update in real time, so you can be confident that your site is being protected against the latest threats. We regularly incorporate new tests, and consistently score higher than any other scanner on open-source benchmarks.

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Proper Javascript Scanning

We believe every application needs to be vetted in the manner in which it is built. As new technologies evolve, so does our scanner. We run your application through a headless browser to intercept and analyze Javascript and AJAX requests, even as newly created forms are populated. Though Javascript scanning takes longer, we obtain more thorough results than the competition.

Scan any Environment

Whether you’re running in the cloud or an air-gapped system, we can run with you. We offer both SaaS and on-premise solutions (and everything between!). Our goal is to ensure a comfortable level of security for you and your data. Each appliance we set up is fully-managed, updated, and secured as frequently as our self-hosted SaaS.

Results for Developers

Whether integrating our API into a system or viewing vulnerability data on our website, you’ll find no hangups, and no jargon, because our mission is to simplify the vulnerability reporting and remediation process. We’ll give you how-to-fix instructions, complete with code snippets, tailored to the language you wrote your application in. Any engineer can effortlessly find and fix the root cause of a vulnerability, regardless of their prior security experience.

Incorporate security into your development and DevOps workflow

Our dedicated focus on building products that are thorough, easy to use, and effortless to integrate allows us to empower your developers, regardless of their prior security training. Security teams become more empowered to focus on strategic initiatives, rather than becoming distracted by constantly fighting fires. Our web scanner can still be used by your security teams and pentesters to find vulnerabilities in the sites they are testing, but the developers themselves can be the first line of defense.

Your DevOps team can find and fix vulnerabilities as they’re building as a seamless part of their current development process, with no additional burden. DevOps teams become the critical first line of defense, increasing bandwidth for security teams to focus on strategic security initiatives.

We integrate with your existing toolsets like Jira for issue tracking, or Jenkins for your build pipeline / CI process. We also make it trivial to replay attacks, by providing single-click replays for the precise request that exploited the vulnerability, and single-click rescans to verify a fix.

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Use a scanner built for new enterprise

Our enterprise offerings include access to a multitude of tools that help integrate security into your DevOps process. If you have internal applications not exposed to the internet, we can scan those too, either via our secure reverse tunnel or a fully-managed, internal, virtual appliance.

Our DevOps integrations include an easy-to-use API that hooks our scanner into your current security or continuous integration (CI) systems, and also a first-party plugin for Jenkins. With tailored results and seamless integrations with Jira (or other issue trackers), developers are empowered to fix vulnerabilities before they hit the public.

Dig deeper into your applications

We’ll scan each time a new version of your site is deployed. We can also log into any website, including SAML / Single Sign-On authenticated sites. Our patent-pending Login Recorder (available as a simple Chrome extension) allows you to teach the Tinfoil Web Scanner how to authenticate into your site by recording your login sequence. Our team of extraordinary engineers is also able to create very specific vulnerability modules for known risks that may impact only your industry. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more. We've done crazy, custom schemes too, just ask us!

Find more vulnerabilities with fewer false positives

Our dynamic heuristic testing allows us to find more web application vulnerabilities than anyone else -- with fewer false positives! To date, we have found more than two million vulnerabilities on our customer’s sites, with fewer than 0.5% false positives. We regularly incorporate new tests and always score higher than any other scanner on industry standard benchmarks.

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