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Our enterprise offerings include access to a multitude of tools to help you integrate security into your DevOps process.

On the security side, we have many ways we scan each of your applications. We can log into any application, whether website or API and do intelligent blackbox analysis to ensure we’re finding all vulnerabilities in your most exposed endpoints of your applications. If you have internal applications not exposed to the internet, we can scan those too, either via our security reverse tunnel or an internal fully-managed virtual appliance.

Our DevOps integrations include an easy-to-use API that hooks our scanner into your current security or CI systems, with a first-party plugin for Jenkins. Seamless integrations with Jira and other issue trackers will ensure the right developer gets vulnerabilities fixed before they hit the public. To make the vulnerability-fixing process even simpler, we also produce single-click replay attacks and single-click rescans, allowing developers to not only see the exploit live, but know when they've fixed it within a minute, rather than waiting hours for a full new scan.

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