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Professor Foilz - the Tinfoil Security Careers Mascot Why Tinfoil?

We're revolutionizing the security industry, and making website and mobile security accessible to the world. Hackers have access to easy to use tools to break into sites. We want to make it easier for businesses to protect themselves online.

We have a passion for creating world class systems that anyone can use. We enjoy taking super complex challenges head on, and making the results simple to use and understand.

We're looking for incredibly smart people who like to get their hands dirty. If you don't know the answer, find it. If you can't find it, build it; but don't reinvent the wheel. If all the wheels suck though, build a better one.

Join an exciting, well-funded (500startups, IDG Ventures, and others) and award-winning (MassChallenge Grand Prize) security startup in Silicon Valley and have fun while making a difference in the world.

Apply by sending your resume to jobs@tinfoilsecurity.com

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Please note, if you are a recruiter, we are not currently accepting candidates from recruiters we're not already working with.

Designer Mr. Foilz - the Tinfoil Security Designer Careers MascotLead UX/UI Designer

You've got an eye for making things pixel perfect. We want someone who loves to take a ton of data and make it beautiful so mortals can understand it.

You will work closely with the co-founders, and have a major say as to where this company heads. We want our designer to succeed with us, and feel like they have placed a part of themselves in the company (a piece we think is essential to building out a great design).

Our frontend is all Rails/JQuery at the moment, but we're open to change. We're of the mindset that you pick the best tool for the job, much as you wouldn't hammer in a nail with a wrench (unless you didn't have a hammer and really needed to get it done fast).

You'll be in charge of the entire design, so you should both want and be excited about feeling ownership over it. On the flipside, you should be willing to take on that challenge.

More than anything else, we can guarantee you'll have a boatload of fun, learn a ton, and produce experiences people really care about; lots of people.

Some of the stuff we focus on:

  • Infographics
  • Information architecture/design
  • Simplicity
  • Clean code
  • Fast iteration
  • Tons of user testing
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