TechNet Cyber 2019: Here we come!

Ready for another round of “Do Good With Your Data?” Join us at TechNet Cyber in Baltimore this weekend! In the vein of our community partner for the year, HSSV, we’ve deviated a bit to help the veterans folks at TechNet support.

We believe your data should be used for something good, and want to encourage you to think about what your data is worth.

To help us with our mission, Tinfoil Security has partnered with Freedom Service Dogs of America for Technet 2019. FSDA provides assistance dogs for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Each dog provides support as veterans re-enter civilian life, including companionship for disabled veterans. For every badge we scan we will make a donation to FSDA. The more scans we get the more money goes toward this incredible foundation and the more of an impact we can make for those who gave so much to protect us. Help us help veterans. 

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Additionally, we’re excited to announce that our founders have both won the AFCEA 40 under 40 award this year! We are humbled and honored to be selected. We have a booth at TechNet Cyber in Baltimore this year, and would love to chat. Feel free to stop by booth 2143 for a conversation and a tinfoil hat. 

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TechNet Cyber - a way to connect government and military leaders with industry leaders - gives us the opportunity to further educate business and government leaders about the necessity of a security-first mindset. We believe that the internet and its users need more security, and we strive to make that goal a reality, one company at a time. Even if just a few companies or government agencies see the advantages of securing web applications and APIs in their DevOps pipeline, then our mission at TechNet Cyber was a success.  

Most post-breach plans by IT leaders have a common flaw: the plans are reactive,  rather than proactive. Security should be the first thing you develop a mindset for. A good guide to start with is the SANS Top 5, which especially if a security team is a new addition to your organization. 

A large number of breaches are the direct result of something easily preventable. This is the most frustrating aspect of most breaches: something easily preventable causing damage to the consumers and the companies. Human error is too high for the demanding nature of today’s SDLC; that’s where automated tools come in. A solid security team augmented with a great web application and API scanner works to ensure that you are doing everything they can to be secure. 

We are excited to attend TechNet Cyber 2019. We’ll be at booth 2143, so make sure you stop by and have a conversation about how our web application and API scanners can help your company be secure and efficient. If nothing else, stop by the booth to see if you can do more push-ups than Derek. ;)

Nicholas Bates

Nicholas is The Writing Writer, or Tinfoil Security's new Technical Content Writer. He has a background in network security where he worked as an engineer for 7 years before joining the Tinfoil team. As a father of his 3-year-old daughter, when he is not writing you can find him hiking with his family, or practicing Jiu-Jitsu.