An important update regarding Tinfoil Azure marketplace plans

Hi everyone! Over the last few months, we have been in contact with the Azure App Services team about discontinuing our site extension offering in the Azure Marketplace. Scanning service will continue to be available on our standalone site, and existing users of the Azure extension will have the opportunity to migrate their account. The Azure team has made a full announcement on their blog, which you can read here:

We’re announcing that Tinfoil Security addon will no longer be available through App Service.

Over the next few months, we’ll start transitioning out this offer starting by disabling new sign ups at the end of April 2020.

Existing Tinfoil enabled apps can continue to use the existing addon until May 2020.
At any point during this transition period and through September 2020 you can migrate your account along with all of your scan settings and history to Tinfoil standalone service on
By going through with this migration, you will get access to some features that were not available in the Azure integration at no additional cost including:
  • More detailed scan reports such as an additional statistics page
  • Access to Tinfoil API for easier automation
  • The ability to add additional collaborators for read-only access to your Tinfoil scan results
Instructions for this migration will be sent out via email to existing customers, and will also appear on your Tinfoil Security addon dashboard.
Tinfoil is looking forward to continuing to help you keep your sites safe and secure!
If you have any question you can reach out to Tinfoil support.

Thanks for reading! We're excited to continue working with you, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we'd be happy to help!

Dallas Weber

Dallas’ detail orientated nature makes him very passionate about helping customers get the most out of their product experience by solving any of their challenges. Outside of cybersecurity, he has a particular curiosity for how movies and video games are designed. Dallas studied Applied Mathematics at Robert Morris University.

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June Updates

Summer's coming up and things are also heating up at Tinfoil! We wanted to quickly give an update of some of the bigger things we've been hard at work on.

Request Rate: We now allow you to specify the target request rate we'll hit your website at during a scan. Before we were defaulting to a max of 40 requests per second, but some of you wanted us to be a bit more gentle when starting off the scan. Just like before, we still slow down the rate if your website looks to be under strain but now you choose where we max out at. You can even update it mid-scan if your engineers are yelling at you :) And if you think you can handle it, Thor is ready to take things up a notch and make your scans even faster!

Efficient Scans: To help make scans even shorter we've been hard at work making the scanning infrastructure super smooth and efficient. Our scanner is an intelligent beast, learning about your website as it goes to find all of the various vulnerabilities. It now also learns about the various templates for your webpages and once positive it's safe will skip new copies of the template. We've seen this speed up the scan by up to 80% for highly repetitive websites!

Dismissing Issues: Once your scan is done you can view and interact with your report to learn about what we found and exactly how to fix it. Some of the issues we bring up are merely best practices rather than explicit security vulnerabilities. We now allow you to dismiss them if you'd rather not be bothered again!

New Office: We're moving! The new Temple of Tinfoil is located at 828 Bryant St, Palo Alto CA 94301. Feel free to stop by sometime to say hello or BBQ with us! We've had a great time at Dogpatch Labs Palo Alto (run by the awesome folks at Polaris Ventures) but now it's time to move and grow into our own space. By the way, we're still hiring.

Ben Sedat

Ben Sedat is the Engineering Wizard of Tinfoil Security. He's a bit of a blend between a traditional software engineer (builder) and security engineer (breaker). He spends a lot of time thinking about security: both detection as well as creating solutions for the security issues that exist in software and the internet. He also plays lots of video games. Lots.

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