Introducing the Tinfoil Private Beta

Welcome to Tinfoil Security!

We simplify security, integrating it into your development lifecycle, and making it a simpler test before you push out new code, rather than a compliance checkbox or an afterthought. Our aim is to make security recurring, affordable, and as simple for your engineers to use as possible. We’re beginning by securing all of your organization’s websites.

Recently, we were proud to announce the launch of the private beta of our first product: the Tinfoil Security web application scanner. Our scanning technology is comparable to other web application scanning tools and, in many cases, better. We’ll crawl your site, a bit like Google does, but instead of looking for text and images, we’re looking for anywhere we might be able to input and inject data. We then go through a multitude of security checks, trying to find each potential beachhead an attacker could use to access your website. We specialize in recurring and efficient checks, looking at all potential access points on your website. We’ll scan your externally facing site as well as all of your internal dashboards and application data post-authentication.

You get a comprehensive security report of your sites’ safety, along with all of your vulnerability information. You’ll know exactly where we found each vulnerability,  what the vulnerability is and what it can do, how we attacked your site (so you can go in and replay the attack), and we’ll also guide you in fixing each vulnerability, tailoring our results specifically to your software stack. It’s a fully automated solution, keeping your costs low and your number of security checks high.

Tinfoil Security takes a proactive approach, letting you know where you are vulnerable before you've been hacked and before any data is exported from your site, so you can prevent it in the first place. And we do it all while keeping the amount of data thrown your way as manageable as possible.

We’re incredibly excited about where Tinfoil is headed, and hope you’re just as excited to help us get it there.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tinfoil, or just more about new ideas and news in vulnerability research, keep watching this blog, which will be updated with our latest features and our thoughts on security and the industry.

There's way more to come, so be sure to sign up for our beta list at and we'll get you in the door.

Until next time!
Ainsley, Borski, & The Tinfoil Team

Ainsley Braun

Ainsley Braun is the co-founder and CEO of Tinfoil Security. She's consistently looking for interesting, innovative ways to improve the way security is currently implemented. She spends a lot of her time thinking about the usability and pain points of security, and loves talking with Tinfoil's users. She also loves rowing, flying kites, and paragliding.

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