Wrap Your CloudFlare in Tinfoil

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with a great company many of you have already heard of and are probably using: CloudFlare. CloudFlare shares a common mission with us; we both strive to make the internet more secure. Our singular focus has always been on doing this by providing incredibly easy-to-use, actionable, and developer-focused reports.

As with Heroku and Engine Yard, you can now start scanning your CloudFlare-backed web application at literally the click of a button. No site verification required, no email verification, no additional setup at all. If CloudFlare trusts you, we’re happy to help secure you by providing the best web application security testing anywhere, coupled with our extensive API and tight developer-focused integrations.

We’re incredibly excited about this brand new partnership. With the benefits of Tinfoil’s incredibly powerful scanning engine combined with CloudFlare’s robust web application firewall, you can rest even easier than ever before, knowing that your website is being protected by the best in the business. CloudFlare helps protect you from some attacks by stopping them over the network before your data can be breached, and Tinfoil couples with that to help you actually fix any vulnerabilities you find so they no longer exist in the first place.

Give it a shot by signing up through the CloudFlare App Marketplace, and we look forward to serving all of you CloudFlare customers! :)

As always, we welcome feedback, and would love your thoughts. Which platforms should we integrate with next? Let us know what you think!

Michael "Borski" Borohovski

Michael Borohovski is cofounder and CTO at Tinfoil Security. He got his start in security when he was just 13 years old, and has been programming for longer than he can remember. When he's not busy breaking software or building it, he also loves singing, juggling, and magic tricks. Yes, magic tricks.