What is Tinfoil?

Websites displaying the Tinfoil badge are tested and certified to pass intensive security checks, helping keep you secure.

Tinfoil Security, Inc. is Certified


Tinfoil Secured on August 3, 2021

The Tinfoil badge only appears when a website has passed intensive security scans. The scans test sites in the way a hacker would most likely attack, protecting you from data loss or breach of information.

customer testimony

"Tinfoil has provided us with an easy and affordable way to continuously monitor the robustness of our application and identify security threats before they make it to our production environments. By providing quick and eloquent feedback, our development team is able to immediately take action while staying on top of the best security practices and any new vulnerabilities we might code in."

- Jaime Romero, CEO, Wowzer

"Tinfoil takes a hacker's approach to its work, minus the nefarious intentions ... reports back to its customers with step-by-step solutions to fix their sites so they don't have to hire expensive security consultants."

— Ira Kantor, The Boston Herald

Have any questions? Email link: software-integrity-support@synopsys.com