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We’re proud to announce a new Tinfoil Security and Microsoft Azure partnership. Use Tinfoil to seamlessly secure your Azure applications with regular vulnerability checks, automatically generated ModSecurity rules to keep you safe, and simple how-to-fix instructions, tailored to your Azure website.

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Meet tinfoil security

Meet Tinfoil Security on Azure

A fully integrated, simple-to-use tool that provides best-in-breed security for your Azure websites.

Regular testing of your Azure websites is important - you’re busy; you code, problem solve, debug and deploy. With all of this on your plate, you need confidence that your websites are secure, safe from threats, and vulnerability free. Do all this for your Azure website, with Tinfoil Security.

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Tinfoil and Azure have always been simple to use, but now you can seamlessly bring them together by adding Tinfoil directly into your Azure platform. No more passwords to memorize or URLs to bookmark. Thanks to Tinfoil Security, securing your Azure website has never been easier.

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Implement ModSecurity for your Azure website and enhance it even further by adding rules automatically generated to address each vulnerability Tinfoil finds. Keep attackers at bay while you fix any issues!

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Microsoft Azure’s incredibly robust platform can only be enhanced by adding top-of-the-line security. Tinfoil regularly incorporates new tests and always scores higher than any other scanner on industry-standard benchmarks while providing focused scanning and straightforward results.

Your Azure experience just got better.

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